Cast & Crew

Learn more about the people in front of and behind the camera.

  • Jonathan Bulava (Director)

    During normal business hours, web development for the entertainment industry is the game. At night, Jon seeks an outlet for his other creative interests. He has been eagerly awaiting a return to video production and is thrilled to be working with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals.

  • Jonathan Elliott (Writer)

    Jonathan Elliott loves working with these people. He's written a few plays (one of which you can buy here) and writes recaps and the occasional news piece here. By day, he works in arts marketing, scribbling stuff like this in the margins. Thank you, dear viewer, for watching. We'll try to keep you entertained, and try equally hard to not use the f-word too-too much. Although, really, no promises on that last one.

  • Jason Milstein (Producer)

    Jason is that guy who knows a guy. He makes sure everything gets done.

  • Matthew Lauyer (Director of Photography)

    Matt is one with the camera. He's a master of the editing process and makes everything pretty.

  • Jed Peterson (Graham)

    Born and raised in New York City, Jed studied acting at the High School of Performing Arts, the Moscow Art Theatre School and Princeton University. Artistic Director, Princeton Summer Theater (2004-5.) Jed is engaged to Sarah Gosnell with whom he lives in New York City. Member AEA.

  • Madeline Orton (Annie)

    Madeline is an actress who majored in American Studies at Rutgers University and is currently working for the ArtPride Foundation of New Jersey.

  • Jon Bershad (Robert)

    Jon Bershad is an actor and writer living in New York. He co-wrote the show Zipperface!!?!: The Hobo Musical which enjoyed a sold out run in the 2009 New York Fringe Festival and an almost sold out run in the Fringe Encore Festival. He appeared as Charles in the film Sorrow Hill and can be seen performing with a series of sketch and improv teams with a series of interesting and silly names. When he's not lighting up stage, screen, or smaller screen, he is a Contributing Editor for the website Mediaite.

  • Gabe Alonso (James)

    Gabe is making his on-camera debut with "Neverlanding." In truth, he's really making his acting debut because starring in "Footloose" as a senior in high school barely counts. He's extremely excited and honored to be working with such an awesome and talented group of people. Not to mention, he's grateful for the opportunity to have something to look forward to on the weekends. He can only stare at Taylor Swift for so long in his day job at MTV.

  • Dennis Chin (Wai)

    Dennis wears a lot of hats. In Neverlanding you get to see him dust off his acting hat. Most of the day, Dennis wears his social justice hat. That's the hat that pays the bills and feeds the soul. But he also loves wearing his street dance hat. That's the hat that nourishes his soul.

  • Patrick Dresh (Allan)

    This is Patrick's first creative endeavor since college, where he appeared in productions of Romeo and Juliet, Luigi Jannuzzi's The Appointment, Tom Stoppard's 15-Minute Hamlet, and Christopher Durang's For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls. Patrick's day job involves editing training materials for smarmy pharmaceutical sales reps and pretending to care. He is very grateful for this role and dedicates any success to his fiancé Cara and Lexapro, for being without either would spell doom for his continued existence.

  • Damian Gaeta (Walter)

    Damian is an actor from Hamilton, NJ and likes Die Hard movies.

  • Amanda Ganza (Kathy)

    Despite Amanda's busy life as a medical student at New Jersey Medical School, she is thrilled to be a part of Neverlanding. She has always found time to foster her love of the arts on the side of her studies, including being the president of her college theatre group, singing in showcases, and working behind the scenes in various productions. Amanda keeps the arts alive in medical school by running a student a cappella group and performing for patients in the hospital. Neverlanding means so much to her, as it reminds her of everything she loved, hated, and still misses about being a part of theatre and the family behind it.

  • Sarah Gosnell (Lydia)

    Sarah not only plays a costume designer in Neverlanding but actually is a costume designer in real life. She was raised in Baltimore and now lives in New York City with her fiancé, Jed Peterson. Thanks to the Jons for bringing her into this fun & crazy show!

  • Ashley Kipness (Jaquelin)

    Ashley graduated from The College of New Jersey with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Drama and Theater. She participated in All College Theater throughout school and has remained active in Community Theater since graduation. She is currently in a School Psychology doctoral program at Rutgers University.

  • Kim Mackanic (Tina)

    As a social worker in-training, Kim spends most of her time listening to other people's problems and helping people through crises. Working on "Neverlanding" has been a similar experience, but the problems are technical and she's not expected to fix them (because she'd probably break something) and most of the crises she's seen have a comedic ending. So it's a breath of fairy-fresh air.

  • Rachel Michel (Samantha)

    Rachel Michel is the Director of Afterschool Programs at McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton NJ. A Michigan native, she's proud to shine some light and glamor on the fabulous world of the stage manager.

  • Andrew Timmes (Danny)

    Andrew Timmes graduated from the College of New Jersey in 2009 with a BS in Computer Science. In his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding, frisbee and Starcraft. He looks forward to Neverlanding showing up when future employers Google him.

  • Julianna White (Amy)

    Julianna is a senior at the College of New Jersey where she majors in Communication Studies. She has professionally acted in multiple feature films and commercials, works as an In-House Model for QVC, and is the current Miss New Jersey USA.